This book is written by Amit, a self-proclaimed witness to Mother Divine!. In his current incarnation, he calls himself Om Swami and runs a website – This book talks about his journey from a successful tech entrepreneur(again a self-claimed one) to a spiritual guru.

I found the book to be total crap. This guy decides to take a spiritual path in 2009, renounces everything and heads to Varanasi, then to Himalayas and ends up meditating in a cave for over 150 days. In the cave, he claims to have seen the divine. In his famished state, he might as well have been hallucinating.

Within a span of 6 years, he has rebranded himself as a spiritual guru. He has a blog, writes every week, and advertises “Meet at the Ashram” events on his website. How is this guy different from any other sales or e-marketing guy? At least the sales guy is selling something tangible. Indeed spirituality has become a sophisticated and a lucrative profession. May be soon there will be proliferation of such self-proclaimed gurus each with their own website running commercial operations under the garb of spiritual growth. I guess there is a good ecommerce opportunity to 1) build a portal where all such people advertise, 2) build a search aggregator that compares the best price available for a 10 day ashram retreats. Amazing crap!