The book begins with a single mother murdering her ex-husband. To create the perfect alibi and lead every police investigation in to a dead-end, her neighbor, a quiet high school math teacher, offers to help her. The math teacher almost succeeds in doing so, and nobody figures out the real story behind the murder except, a physics professor, whom the detectives seek help from.

The most engrossing thing about this book is that you are given the murder, i.e. the complete picture at the very beginning of the book and you encounter various characters in the novel who try fit together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle So you always kind of, follow the intuitions, deductions, inferences of various characters about the murder and ultimately you can’t help feeling lost too. You start wondering, whether it is possible to implicate the murderer at all? But then the physics professor cracks it and puts it all together. The final picture that emerges out of the jigsaw puzzle is something that is totally unexpected.

Thoroughly enjoyed the book.