This book is a poor imitation of Steven Pressfield’s book , “Do the work”.The author is a professional actor who seemed to have settled in to some creative director gig at a Church. The book is called “Untitled” and metaphorically refers to the blank page that faces any person at the beginning of a project, be it writing an article/book/painting/creating a biz etc. Everyone has to start with a blank page. In an writer’s life though, every novel and every little story of the novel begins with a blank page and he/she must fill in characters , narrative as he goes along. In that sense, “blank page“ is a demon that a writer needs to fight every day. 

This book is collection of cliché’s , quotes picked up from various philosophers/authors/books etc.  Except using iTunes library as a Launchpad for creative writing that the author mentions, the book has nothing really original. Through out the book, the author harps on one point that ideation , execution , is plain old hard work and there is no magic bullet.  The author being a creative director and an actor himself, should have at least been a bit creative in writing some original content than merely quoting other people.