Written by Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist monk, this book is a classic volume on the importance of mindfulness in our lives.  The author introduces mindfulness with a Zen story  – “Washing Dishes to Wash Dishes “.

The central message from this book is to be completely mindful of whatever activity one is doing.

Be it ,  preparing tea  / exercising /  gardening / telling a story / talking to a friend / doing office work /  whatever be the kind of activity one is in to, by being completely present in the moment , one develops a deeper understanding of oneself and can remain in peace , irrespective of the outcome.

Lately I have resumed my Sitar practice after a  gap of 5 years, what seems to me like eternity. One thing that  I have realized from getting back to music is that playing an instrument is one such activity which will force one to completely mindful. For whatever time one plays , one is always in the NOW , and in that sense, any musical instrument is  a conduit to mindfulness.