If you look around, you cannot miss the fact that people are living in a road runner culture, meaning , People want to do everything fast.

  • Speed publishing – Blogging , Twittering
  • Speed Talking –  IMs
  • Speed Dialing
  • Speed Dating
  • Speed Sex
  • Speed Walking
  • Speed Yoga
  • Yogaerobics – I saw this ad in Midtown NY and was  rather amused at the way yoga, an essentially slowing down activity  , is being marketed with aerobics tag

Nowadays it looks like people feel that Instant gratification is also too long. They want an instant gratification of instant gratification 🙂

However there are some people who realize that they are on this fast track, and ironically want to slow down quickly 🙂

Well, most of us at some point  or the other in our life time would have read some self-help book, be it on public speaking, seven habits , 10 rules, dozen things to do 🙂 … It doesn’t take long for most people to realize that all those books serve no one but the publishing industry..

Given my view of how speed has engulfed all of us, I picked up this book mainly to laugh at the content. A self help book which was offering solutions to all our problems in less than a minute..Wow!! never though speed will enter self-help domain too 🙂

Audience for this book : People who want to quickly change themselves 🙂 and people like me who want to laugh at the rather serious tone of the book.


The author talks about 10 aspects of human lives .Happiness, Persuasion , Motivation , Creativity , Attraction , Stress , Relationships , Decision making , Parenting , Personality . He provides one minute solutions to each of these complex aspects of our lives. By the way, the author backs it up with scientific research 🙂 People can go to any extent to sound rational.

If you want to laugh heartily , you can read this book, after all “Laughter is the best medicine”.

So, the author unknowingly is doing good to readers 🙂 .Or may be the author is smart enough to cash on the speed culture 🙂