This books falls under a specific category of books which includes titles like ” In Praise of Slow”, Zen books which focus on simplicity, Productivity books etc. As the title hints, there is one simple theme running through out the book – “Declutter your life, in all aspects of your life.” Cutting down variables and living with fewer and lesser variables in life is a far richer experience than dealing with a lot of variables and trying to do justice to all the variables.

This book is a classic productivity book but is completely in odds with the “Getting things done” – David Allen talk. The author Leo Babautta says that simplifying things relating to various aspects like, information intake, email reading habits, internet browsing time, goals in life, people whom you deal with, working on the daily tasks, etc. makes a lot of sense. The book gives some practical tips to simplify things in life.

The book can be read in less than hour’s time and at the end of it will make you feel that Life is a objective function where the lesser number variables makes it easier to find the maximum value of the function. In fact, it makes me feel that the local maxima could also be the global maxima!, if you choose the right kind of variables!

For those who feel overwhelmed by stuff in life, this book is going to be a welcome breather. However one can get the best out of this book only if one implements and experiments with at least a few of the stuff mentioned in the book.