The day I read “Innumeracy“, I began appreciating numbers. Even though I was dealing with numbers prior to that day, that book clearly showed me that I was innumerate .That coupled with my love of life( the book which I have fallen in love and my romance continues till this day) , “The Art of Profitability ” , made me realize that I was total crap in numeracy skills. From that day, I have constantly strived to improved my numeracy skills.

It also meant that I picked up and read almost any book that I came across, which was relevant to numeracy. Last week I chanced upon a wonderful book which belongs to that category. It is titled “Guesstimation”



What’s new in this book ?

It is the first book that I have come across where all the discussion is based on SI system. All my education happened in SI units and in that aspect, this book is a welcome relief where I need to concentrate on only one step , which is guesstimate. I don’t have to keep track of metric system conversions which is a big relief. This book is not a one sitting read book. It has about 50 odd examples and One example a day would do. Like everything else in life ,that you want to master, numeracy skills need to be worked on each day. I haven’t reached the state where I spend atleast a few minutes daily. But I working towards it though. i compare such activities to working out in the gym. The more regular one is, the better one feels about it.

Any ways, happy to have stumbled on to this book, mainly because it deals in SI units!