I have a problem with Ruby. It is a great language , extremely good for fast prototyping. However this is not the language I use it daily. However, there are times when I have to use ruby where the effort of doing something in a different language is not worth it.

My problem stems from the fact that I forget the syntax as I don't use it regularly. In the last 1 year , I would have probably worked on 4 RoR mini-projects and in every instance I had to pain stakingly go through and review the syntax . This time again I have to develop a diagnostic tool, very very fast and I don't have time to go through the syntax at leisure. I did something different. Picked up this book "Making use of Ruby" and put myself a time limit of 30 minutes for reviewing the relevant syntax..All I can say, is that, the result is pretty good…In 1/2 hr time, one can review the syntax of loops, classes, namespaces, mixins, file operations , instantiations, arrays, hash etc and I must say this book is pretty well organized in that sense. First 120 pages is that would be needed for quick prototyping.

My next task is Rails recap. I just want a quick way to look at price-s score-long/short position data all in one web page and the data is in postgres.The only thing left to figure out is : How to dump the data from postgres in to a chart ? I just hope I figure this out quickly so that I can investigate the results. Sometimes I guess one needs to have patience and develop a diagnostic tool for simple excel based charts are of no help in understanding what's going on…