This books is superb book on ways to imagine things, see the issue from various perspectives. Einstein’s Dreams is a fictional collage of essays stories dreamed by Albert Einstein in 1905. Each essay views the TIME from a perspective and presents the scenarios of the world if TIME were to behave in a specific manner. The perspectives explored are :

  • A world where Time is a Circle, bending back on itself. The world repeats itself , precisely
  • A world where Time is like a flow of water, occasionally displaced by a bit of debris a passing breeze
  • A world where Time moves in three dimensions like space
  • A world where Time is in 2 forms- Physical time and Body time
  • A world where Time flows slowly, the farther one is from the earth
  • A world where Time is absolute
  • A world where Cause and Effect are erratic. Time and events in the past have no bearing on the events in the present – Unpredictability is the order of the day.
  • A world where Time does pass, but little happens from day to day
  • A world where Time ends on a certain date
  • A world where Time appears or moves at different pace in the same town
  • A world where Passage of time brings more order to the world
  • A world where Time stands still
  • A world where there is no Time .There are only images
  • A world where there is no memory and hence no significance of Time
  • A world characterized by changed plans, unexpected visions, sudden opportunities
  • A world where Time passes more slowly for people in motion
  • A world where Time flows backward
  • A world where people live only one day
  • A word where Time is sense, like taste or sight
  • A world where people live forever,
  • A world where Time exists but cannot be measured
  • A world with out future
  • A world where Time is a visible dimension
  • A world where Time is discontinuous
  • A world where Time is a local phenomenon
  • A world where Time is rigid bone like structure
  • A world where there are countless copies
  • A world which thinks that firmness to past is an illusion
  • A world where Time moves differently by age of a person

There is an essay dedicated to each of the above perspective and it portrays various aspects of the world if the above perspective were to hold good.

Even though this is a work of pure fiction, it is a classic book as it makes a reader wonder the possibilities that one can come up with, while thinking on any issue. Be it improving the profitability of a firm, framing the hypotheses of a model, etc. One must open up our minds to the various possibilities. After all, brilliant ideas are nothing but a combination of ideas and simulation of possible scenarios