Mb_1Monkey Business is a lively and funny account of the investment banking world from 2 insiders John Rolfe and Peter Troop who have managed to survive a few years in the industry . The book is written in first person where each of the authors give a detailed account of their ibanking experience. The experiences revolve around author’s summer internship, full time work, pitch book preparation , compensation , work environment  etc.The best thing about the book is the honest and witty style employed through out the book. We usually get to read about the long working hours, high pay packets but not the nature of work, the work environment, fringe benefits reality against the hype that is generally associated with ibank jobs.

I got to read all about the media ignored part of this glamorous profession from this book. One definitely gets a feel from the book that sell-side of the business is a hyped profession from all of the investment professions.