Ting – a one word for capturing the intuition moment , is a short business fiction story written by Arupa Tesolin. The main points in the book are as as follows

1. Say Yes to intuition – Implies that there is no such thing as natural gift that only a few people possess. One can develop intuition only when one believes that he can develop intuition skills

2. Do nothing for five minutes – This allows the thoughts to come to us and not the otherway round

3. Listen to your intuition, Practice awareness for 10 minutes. Many times, when we sit still, there are a range of sounds which we become aware of. If we practice this exercise at various locations, one can learnt a lot about the environment which he lives in

4.Watch for intuitive events – Keep track of events that you had thought and have occurred

5. Watch for the "ting" that announces them – Also keep a track the manner in which you are able to feel the things to come

6.Pay attention to Ting

7.Look deeper in to things where you are tinged

8.Look for opportunities when there is a ting

9.Find Linkages

10.Become a Ting advocate

Somehow its difficult to digest such books known as x rulers, which basically suggest that there are x rules to improve your a/b/c/d etc…The book as such boils down to just one thing . At-least once in a day,stay calm, and follow your thoughts that arise out of those calm 5 minutes..Rest of the jazz will follow !