Its_not_about_bikeOne of the finest books I have ever read.This book is an inspiring story of Lance armstrong whose story moves around triumph, tragedy and transformation.
At the age of 24, he becomes a sporting legend and very soon he finds himself affected by testicular cancer. Docs say that his survival rate is 40% . The book’s primary portion covers the way in which he battles the cancer and comes back to participate the Mother of all races. Tour de France and win it in style.
A few days back , the same person had won the event for the 7th time. If one looks back at what he has gone through and what he has achieved after the torturous period, the story will serve as a inspiration for any one who thinks he cant make it in life.

Couple of interesting things from the book, I noticed was the sport of cycling itself. I was always under the impression that it was an individual sport. However the book describes it as a highly team oriented sport where the team as a whole plays it with a particular strategy , employs tactics along the way and plays together as a team to win the grueling 3 week around the France event – Tour De France.

While certainly there was Lance’s determination to succeed that was evident from the book, other noticeable part is the role played by his mother and wife who were through his thick and thin . Sometimes It makes me wonder what is that magic effect that a woman can have on man, that makes the saying – Behind every successful man, there is a woman -an undeniable pattern

The book also talks about a few beliefs of Lance which helped in overcoming the dreadful cancer disease. He become so meticulous in taking drugs, reading everything abt cancer, etc and starts treating cancer as a fellow participant in a bicycle race whom Lance had to win at any cost.

Comparing tour to Life is also a nice way of looking at the event
If you raced fast enough in the tour , you will drop off in two days.It requires a longer view. You have to muster the right resources at the right time , patiently feeding out your strength at the right time, with no wasted energy or motion.
One of the other striking feature of the story is where Lance stresses the importance of focus. Focus can only be achieved by simplifying things and concentrating on few things, besides maintaining a rock solid discipline. In his words, "Discipline brings in a sense of calmness" …The same thought is echoed by Geet sethi in his book – Success Vs Joy

I guess every man should get on to do an activity which he can completely immerse in and derive immense joy. Lance found it in bicycling and I know what I should be doing to get immense joy. I guess its just a matter of time before I get there….