April 2005

In an exclusive interview with Keith Ferrazzi , the author of the book “Never Eat alone”,Inc Magazine culls out the secrets of the master networker

Rule 1: Don’t network just to network.
Rule 2: Take names.
Rule 3: Build it before you need it.
Rule 4: Never eat alone.
Rule 5: Be interesting.
Rule 6: Manage the gatekeeper. Artfully.
Rule 7: Always ask.
Rule 8: Don’t keep score.
Rule 9: Ping constantly.
Rule 10: Find anchor tenants. Feed them.

A worthy read for anyone interested to developing people skills.
Link:10 secrets of master networker


“Why tell stories ?” is a question which comes to the mind of most of the marketers. Just explain the benefits of the product and let the customer decide.

Here’s a parable which explains the importance of the same:

A story is told of a disciple and his Master. The diligent disciple would go to the great teacher day after day, month after month and would sit at his feet basking in the Master’s instruction. The Master would always teach his disciple through stories. One day the disciple asked, “Master, why do you labor to teach me through stories; would it not be faster to teach me directly?” The teacher answered, “Bring me some water.” Now the disciple knew his teacher to be a very formal and disciplined man. He had never asked for water at this time of the day. Nevertheless, he went immediately to fetch it. Taking a clean brass waterpot from the ashram kitchen, the disciple went to the well, filled the pot with water and returned. He offered it to his teacher who then spoke: “Why have you brought me a pot when I asked only for water?”

Stories help in communicating the values and the context of the product, service offered, the values that the company withholds , to the customer.Thus in this competitive market place, it becomes very important to bring out the benefits in a particular context.Hence marketers need to perfect the art of storytelling.

I am awaiting the release of a book called “All Marketers are liars” by Seth Godin. I am sure that the author has used a harsher word called liar for various reasons. It must be relating to the way marketers use the art of story telling to engage the customers.